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Hello netters! First, I would like to apology for the lack of updates here at Alyssa Milano Online. I have some great updates for you soon, but I’ve just been super busy with other stuff lately! Bunches of content and screencapture updates are on the way though. For now, I have a little article for you lot + a utterly adorable photoshoot picture of Alyssa and Milo! In honor of Milo’s first birthday, Alyssa has created a fundraising goal which will be donated to the St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. Read all about it below - and check out the cute new photo in our galleries! To donate to Alyssa’s fundraising efforts, visit indiegogo.com.

Alyssa Milano is already instilling a strong sense of charity in her baby boy Milo Thomas.
After recently helping Gonzalito, a 4-year-old boy suffering from leukemia, obtain treatment through St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the actress became a mom on a mission in order to spread the love even further.

In honor of her son’s Aug. 31 birthday — he turns one! — Milano has set a fundraising goal of $50,000 by Sept. 9, with proceeds being donated to the medical center.

“St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital provides immense relief to parents and children from everywhere, who go through harrowing situations no one should have to endure,” she writes.

Established to treat children diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening diseases, St. Jude offers treatment and research without any cost to the families.

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he new ABC drama “Mistresses” is now in pre-production and Mary Jo Slater is casting recurring, guest starring, and day player roles. The series was created by Gossip Girl writer K.J. Steinberg, based on the hit BBC series of the same name. ABC picked up “Mistresses” as a 12 episode midseason order. In addition to acting roles, extras of all ages and types will be cast throughout the season. Shooting begins on August 7, 2012 in Los Angeles. The show follows four friends as they try to deal with complex relationships and toward a sense of order and enlightenment in their lives.

"Mistresses" stars Alyssa Milano ("New Years Eve," "Romantically Challenged," "Hall Pass," "My Name Is Earl," "Charmed," "Melrose Place") as Savannah, Yunjin Kim ("Lost") as Karen, Rochelle Aytes ("Work It," "White Collar," "Detroit 1-8-7," "Desperate Housewives") as April, Jes Macallan ("Kiss Me," "NCIS: Los Angeles," "Crash and Burn," "Grey’s Anatomy," "Shameless") as Josslyn, Jason George ("Grey’s Anatomy," "The Closer," "Against the Wall," "Castle," "Off the Map," "Eastwick") as Dominic, Brett Tucker ("Castle," "Spartacus: Vengeance," "Rizzoli & Isles," "NCIS," "Neighbours") as Harry, Erik Stocklin ("Grey Sheep," "Sick Day," "Let’s Big Happy") as Sam.

Based on the U.K. television series, “Mistresses” is from K.J. Steinberg (“Gossip Girl”) and is executive-produced by Robert Sertner (“Revenge,” “No Ordinary Family”), K.J. Steinberg (“Gossip Girl”), Rina Mimoun (“Privileged,” “Gilmore Girls”) and Douglas Rae (“Wuthering Heights,” “Camelot,” “Mistresses,” “Raw,” “Meadowlands”). The pilot for “Mistresses” is directed by Cherie Nowlan. The series is from ABC Studios.

Details on how talent can submit for acting roles, and registration information for extras can be found on the following casting post here.

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Hello netters! Like mentioned in my previous post, we have a special section opening today :D At last, our Media section is up and running smoothly, and ready to be launched! There’s only about 15 videos uploaded so far ( adding more as I’m typing this though! ), but you can already find all Alyssa’s albums and songs under the "Audio" category. Head over, and start browsing!

If you have any videos or audios you’d like to donate to Alyssa Milano Online, please drop me an email at admin@alyssam.org. We’re always looking for new videos to share with the fans! We would also love to show off some fan videos over there, so if you’ve created one about Alyssa or any of her projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Hello fellow Alyssa fans - and welcome to the seventh version of Alyssa Milano Online! Surprise! As you all know, our girl is turning 40 years this December. We decided that we want to begin the celebration now, by putting the site focus on her long, and amazing career! We’ve therefore got a stunning new layout designed by my good friend Kimberly, which shows of some of Alyssa’s many film and TV roles through the years - from her first full film “Commando”, to the long running series “Who’s the Boss" and all the way to one of her most recent films, "Wisegal”. And we’ve of course included our all-time favorite, "Charmed”. ;)

The new layout is not the only new thing to celebrate Alyssa and her career though. We’ve also added a “Spotlight project” to the sidebar, which will put spotlight on each of Alyssa’s films, one by one! We will do our best to change this every week, and a complete and indepth information page will be added on each project. First up is one of my absolute favorites, “To Brave Alaska" - check out our sidebar for more information.

I hope you’ll all love our new layout as much as I do, and please leave a commen with your thoughts! We would absolutely love to hear your opinions on it. All our main pages have been updated to match our pretty new look, but I still need to fix up the sub-pages. You might notice that we’ve got some new pages up as well - Library  & Style. These are currently a work-in-progress, but I hope to have them up and complete for you within the next week or so. Enjoy the new layout, and come back a little later today for another not-so-secret section opening!

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Alyssa has been nominated for the PETA’s annual “Sexiest Vegetarian” award! We all know she truely deserves to win this award, but she’s up against a lot of beautiful and talented fellow female celebrities, so make sure you all cast your vote for our girl! Help us spread the world on your twitters, facebooks and more - we all want Alyssa to win, right? ;)

Beautiful inside and out, these famous stunners are always paparazzi-ready, thanks to their vegetarian and vegan diets! By refusing to eat anything with a face, some of the world’s best-known faces help save not only animals but also the planet and their health. Cast your vote now for PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities of 2012! Please note that while votes will be taken into consideration, PETA will ultimately choose the winners. Voting ends at 5 p.m. ET on June 27, and winners will be announced by June 28 at 10 a.m. ET.

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Hello fellow Alyssa fans! Last night, Alyssa attented the International Disney Media Networks upfronts - and she looked absolutely fantastic! She wore a stunning turquoise top, matched with a dark blue skirt. She really glows in these photos, and you can tell she had a blast with some of her “Mistresses” co-stars. Can’t wait to see them togheter on screen next year! 30+ photos - most of which are HQ - have been added to our galleries for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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Hello fellow Alyssa fans! Continuing the bucketloads of “Mistresses” updates lately, I have now updated our galleries with HD screencaptures from the first official trailer. Lys looks absolutely fantastic in the video, and the screencaps are definitly worth a look or two! Major kudos to my good friend Ann for the HD trailer clip.

Four new stills from the TV series have also been added to our galleries - I hope to have HQ versions of these up for you soon, so keep checking back! Enjoy the new updates, and check back a little later today for a blast to the past with a huge “Charmed” update…

Gallery Album links:

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LOS ANGELES - Actress Alyssa Milano will serve as the voice of the National Hockey Leage Thursday, as she takes over the league’s Twitter account during Game 3 between the Los Angeles Kings and the Phoenix Coyotes.

According to ESPN , Milano is a huge sports fan who has also been a Kings season ticket holder for several years.

ESPN says Milano be tweeting live from Staples Center as the ‘Yotes look for a win against the so-far dominant Kings, who have taken a 2-0 series lead in the Western Conference Finals.


The real question for Coyotes fans — will Milano be an unbiased “tweeter” despite her affinity for the Kings? We’ll have to watch the Twitterverse to find out.

Milano will take a break from her trip into the world of sports when she heads back to TV in the new ABC show “Mistresses” , about four women friends. The show is expected to debut sometime during the 2012-13 season.

So what do you think? Will Milano be an equal opportunity “tweeter” for the NHL? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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Hello netters! A trailer for Alyssa’s upcoming 2013 TV series “Mistresses” have now been released on their official facebook. It looks great - and Alyssa looks fantastic! Screencaptures will be added to our galleries as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your thoughts - we would love to hear your opinions on the trailer!

Life is about the choices we make, the changes we take and the friends who see us through it all.

~Watch the trailer here ~